Blue Ocean View


Foresight is an art


Foresight is more than just talking about the future

… it’s preparing for it.

“What is surprising is not the magnitude of our forecast errors, but our absence of awareness of it.”
- Nassim Nicholas Taleb -

Taleb’s quote in his million selling book ‘The Black Swan’ reflects on the risks of single point forecasting. How can we bypass the negative effect of randomness?

Then again, numerous sources inform us about the exponentially increasing ‘datafication’ of the world we live in today. There’s an overflow of valuable data, which should make it possible for leaders to take decisions independent of assumptions and wild guesses. How can we unleash that power of foresight and what could it offer to you?

"When talking about the future, the past is your worst consultant."
- Peter Rakers -

As a foresight practitioner, I combine coaching techniques with future thinking in order to challenge mental models, convergent thinking and limiting beliefs. Foresight is much more an art than it is a science. It can be seen as a facilitation of the strategic conversation or a challenge on future thinking. Any foresight activity is linked to the data-driven decision concept. A foresight facilitator does not interfere with the content, he only manages the process.

Blue Ocean View offers foresight seminars at the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School at the University College Dublin, Ireland since 2012.

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